Exploring Mobile and Embedded Computer Solutions

Designer and Manufacturer of Rugged Tablets, Medical Tablets, Panel PCs and Industrial PCs

Estone Technology is a leading OEM/ODM manufacturer of application specific rugged tablet PCs, medical tablets, panel PCs, and industrial PCs.  We offer custom design and manufacturing services from board level to system level, from panel PCs to rugged tablet computers.  Headquartered in the US, with sales office in Europe and manufacturing facilities in China, we offer one stop service, from industrial design, engineering, certification, manufacturing, logistic, lifecycle management for the vertical markets of today’s industry.  We design superior solutions for the IoT enabled world. You will find our products worldwide in healthcare, field service, transportation, point-of-sales, kiosks, control panels for watercrafts, building control systems, and many others.


mHealth Healthcare IT


Our tablet PC solutions save time and ensure that critical information stays at the doctor or nurse’s fingertips through out all stages of the care delivery process.

Field Automation


Today’s retail and industrial establishments quickly integrate mobility as a key component of their daily business operations. We custom design such solutions.

HMIs and Embedded PCs


Estone Technology offers smart panel solutions for a variety of markets and uses like healthcare, home automation, hospitality, point of sale, and more.



From smart kiosks for hotels and mobile rugged handheld tablets for hospitality staff, Estone Technology offers numerous products to address many needs.


OEM/ODM Manufacturing

Estone Technology offers custom design and manufacturing services from board level to complete computing systems, including embedded box PCs, all-in-one panel PCs, or full feature rugged tablets…

Software Services

Estone engineers provide software services based on many operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Android, and Linux. Our services include boot loaders, kernels, writing device drivers, BSP, and more…