Exploring Mobile and Embedded Computer Solutions

Industry Solutions

Mobile and Embedded Industry Solutions

At Estone Technology we understand the unique needs of vertical markets. With this in mind, our engineering team custom designs and develops unique mobile and embedded computing solutions from the inside out. As a member of the Intel Intelligent System Alliance and a Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner, we provide mobile solutions for Healthcare, Assistive Communications, Point of Sale and Kiosk Retail Automation, Logistics & Transportation, , Field Automation, Government and First Responders, Hospitality, Industrial Automation, Recreation, Connected Vehicles, Connected Homes, and more.

Healthcare IT mHealth

mHealth & Healthcare Technology

Bringing Digital Healthcare Everywhere

Whether it’s nursing station tablets, or large panel PCs for operating rooms, Healthcare technology is everywhere. Estone Technology offers devices that make it easy to access EHRs, view imaging and testing data, and even communicate with patients, all with a touch.

Field Service Computer Solutions

Field Automation

Rugged Tablets and Technology

Estone creates some of the most powerful, durable, multi-featured rugged tablets available today, perfect for field operations from urban construction sites to remote equipment stations.

Machine to Machine and Iot

Embedded Technology and IoT

Seamless Communication Between Devices

Whether it’s equipment on a production line communicating about product throughput and part supplies, parts of a vehicle communicating about vehicle performance and sensor input, or a new home appliance working with a home automation system, Estone Technology has solutions for Machine to Machine communications and Internet of Things enabled devices.

Home Automation Panels

Smart Panels and HMIs

Helping People Interact with a Modern World.

Whether it’s an interactive directory, a manufacturing control panel, or a remote control for devices in your home, smart panel and HMI solutions offer unprecedented richness and ease of human interactivity.

Gaze Interaction Tablet

Assistive Communications

Durable, Feature Packed Tablets for Assistive Communications

Did you know Estone Technology is a leader in Assistive Communications technology? Many companies have partnered with Estone Tech to develop tablets for the disabled. Learn more about these specialized devices.

Rugged Tablets for First Responders

Government & First Responder Solutions

Solutions for EMS, Emergency Vehicles, and Office Applications.

Whether it’s powerful tablets for police, rugged handled computers for fire, or vehicle and in-office systems for other government representatives, Estone Technology has the solutions.

Outdoor Recreation Solutions

In-Vehicle Solutions

Technology to Help Enjoy Life On- and Off-Road

Estone Technology knows that recreation is a business – whether it’s a golf course, a campground, or even a prime fishing spot, there are many opportunities to help people enjoy themselves with technology solutions.

Transportation and Logistics Technology Solutions

Transportation & Logistics Solutions

Road-Rugged Tools that Go Where You Do

Imagine a tablet pc designed specifically for your warehouse operation, with a rugged build and integrated tools like a barcode scanner. Or an embedded computer for your fleet trucks that kept shipments on time and in order. Estone Technology has the solution.

Business Professionals consulting over tablet with images of food

Kiosk, Retail, & Mobile Payment Solutions

Interact with your Customers – Anywhere

Need a solution for signage, vending, point of sale, or another hospitality application? Estone Technology has tablets and panel PCs for your needs.

Linux Tablet Solutions

Linux Tablet Solutions

Take Control of Your Tablets

Do you need the absolute control and open-source adaptability that only Linux can provide? Estone Tech offers Tablet Solutions in many Linux distros.