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AI & IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been touted as the next Industrial Revolution, with pervasive connectivity and the insights it can generate offering new ways to manage equipment and processes. IoT also offers a stepping stone to the next level of digital efficiency – Artificial Intelligence. When equipment is able to communicate easily about its current situation and status, a network of machines can work together intelligently.

Estone Technology offers embedded ARM & x86 technology that works with your existing equipment, providing computing power and connectivity for sensors and other critical elements of IoT and AI applications, with features like Power Over Ethernet (POE) and easy expansion headers to work with virtually any equipment.

automated production line in modern dairy factory

IoT Mobility Solutions

  • Create modern customer experiences that engage customers where they are
  • Engage workforces with mobility solutions that let them work where they need
  • Bring intelligence and connectivity to the furthest reaches of an organization or industry
  • Engage for field data acquisition, billing and payment processing, track and trace, mobile marketing, and more
Collage of tablets/smart pannel applications in the medical industry

Panel PC & HMI IoT Solutions

  • Operator HMI solutions for working with connected equipment and devices
  • Hospitality and PoS Panel PC solutions for simplifying workflow and customer interaction
  • Intelligent Signage and Informational Panel PC solutions for providing up to the minute information based on user inputs
  • Data Gateway HMIs that are complete application-ready solutions for virtually any industry
Embedded Board IoT Solutions

Embedded Board Solutions

  • Collect and share data from virtually any device, anywhere, at any time
  • Integrate data from diverse sources, and enable devices to work together by sharing data across platforms
  • Solutions for stationary and mobile devices, ow powerr and remote operations, and more

Designing for the IoT is a whole new ballgame for most companies. Why not work with a partner with the experience and expertise to bring your connected devices to market where and how you envision them. Just complete an inquiry form by clicking the link below and our engineers will reach out to you to discuss solutions.


Estone Technology offers AI and IoT Solutions for both embedded and separate equipment installations – we have upgrade solutions that will bring your equipment to the modern day, and make it easy to add automation or intelligence to any product or project with ARM & X86 boards and modules that work seamlessly with other hardware and software.

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