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Augmentative Communications

Assistive Communications

Did you know Estone Technology is a leader in Augmentative Communications technology? Many companies have partnered with Estone Tech to develop tablets for the disabled. Learn more about these specialized devices.

All over the world, Estone Technology equipment is helping the voiceless find their voices. Estone is a leader in providing tablet and panel PC solutions for assistive and augmentative communications companies. We’ve pioneered inclusive technology like adaptable touchscreens, powerful integrated audio systems, and even gaze-interaction and eye-tracking control systems.

Developmental Communications Programs

Developmentally Disabled Tablet Solutions

  • Extremely clear, high contrast LCDs provide bright colors and vivid shapes for touch interaction.
  • Touchscreens are waterproof and extremely easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Tablets are ruggedly built without the need for special cases, and can be equipped with handles, straps, long-life batteries, and other features for use anywhere.
Physically Disabled Tablet

Physically Impaired Tablet Solutions

  • Embedded high-quality cameras and plenty of I/O ports make tablets ready for Gaze Interaction technology.
  • Powerful stereo speakers give individuals a voice that can be heard even in the largest and noisiest environments.
  • Available Wheelchair or VESA mounts turn rugged Estone portable tablets into sturdy mounted PCs, with vibration ready components & more.

One of our earliest and most specialized fields, Augmentative Communications is growing. Helping more people find their voice and communicate is a goal we stand behind. If you’d like to get started in this field with an experienced partner, contact Estone Technology to learn more. Just complete an inquiry form below and our engineering staff will begin the process of assisting you.


Estone Technology is a pioneer in rugged tablets for Assistive Communication. We work with specialized “talking app” and communication software companies worldwide to develop tablets that are easy to use and effective for communication impaired individuals. Our tablets feature rugged construction, waterproof screens for easy cleaning, medical and wheelchair mounts, high quality cameras for Gaze Interaction, and booming stereo speakers for powerful, clear speech programs.

Augmentative Communications Products

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