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Government & First Responders

Government & First Responder
Technology Solutions

Whether it’s powerful tablets for police, rugged handled computers for fire, or vehicle and in-office systems for other government representatives, Estone Technology has the solutions.

Government computers have jobs unlike any other – as government work often touches on every area of our lives, from elections to social services to defense. And often, devices are retasked or used across multiple divisions during their lifespan, so they need to be rugged and powerful enough to deal with whatever is thrown at them.

When seconds matter, first responders need technology they can trust. Estone Technology’s rugged tablet solutions provide trusted, rugged, mobile computing power to those who need it most. Whether it’s Fire or Police who need constantly updated data about a catastrophe, paramedics rushing to a hard to find accident scene, or insurance agents first on the scene after a natural disaster – Estone Technology has a solution for everyone.

Firefighters Technology

Tablets for Police, Fire, & EMS

  • High quality GPS units guide you on the fastest route to an emergency
  • Fanless, efficient designs work even in extreme temperatures, up to 60° Celcius (140° Fahrenheit)
  • Rugged tablets are waterproof (up to IP65), to resist sprays and mist, and touchscreens work while wet
  • Some models available with CANbus to interface with security vehicles
  • Rugged docking stations keep your tablets charged and secure while patrolling
  • Extra bright screens work in direct sunlight or pitch darkness, perfect for any patrol shift
  • Durable construction resists breakage from drops and impacts an a crowded ambulance or emergency vehicle
  • Some tablets are IEC 60601 medically certified, for use in hospital or EMS environments
  • Some tablets are produced with anti-microbial material construction for easy disinfecting
Digital Voting Booth

Tablets for State & Municipal Workers

  • Features like hand straps & long battery life keep you working, wherever your job takes you
  • The flexibility and adaptability of Windows or Android operating systems works with your existing computer systems
  • Rugged construction with materials like Magnalium, ABS plastic, and rubber protects your tablet for life on the road
  • High quality cameras take accurate pictures of damage & property, tagged with time & location data from GPS
  • Built-in tools like barcode scanners assist with streamlining paperwork and documentation
  • Long battery life (some models 12+ hours) keeps your tablet working as long as you do

Government agencies and companies supplying them need a partner that can be trusted to deliver. Estone Technology has experience supplying that technology everywhere from emergency response equipment to inside prison walls. Learn more about what we can do for your government or first responder technology project by completing an inquiry form below. Our engineering staff will reach out to you quickly to begin the process.


Estone Technology tablets come equipped with powerful and adaptive Windows or Android operating systems that interface easily with Emergency Management software and can be configured to run almost any program. Our rugged tablets have the processing power you need to execute multiple high-demand programs at once, to keep everyone safe. And with extra-bright touchscreens that work while wet, and even with gloved hands, you’ll never find an environment where your important digital tools aren’t available.

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