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Medical Computers & mHealth Technology

Whether it’s nursing station tablets, or large panel PCs for operating rooms, Healthcare technology is everywhere. Estone Technology offers devices that make it easy to access EHRs, view imaging and testing data, and even communicate with patients, all with a touch.

Today, healthcare is rapidly moving towards digital platforms. Bringing diagnostics, medical records, and treatment to the digital world offers a chance to improve patient outcomes, improve safety and satisfaction, and reduce costs. From cloud-based electronic health records (EHRs) to bedside point of care monitoring terminals, Estone Technology can supply hospitals and medical centers with the most reliable mobile and embedded medical technology systems offered today.

EMS Computer Solutions

Emergency Medical Tablets & EMS IT Solutions

  • Integrated GPS for better dispatching and routing
  • Rugged and ready for extreme weather, heat, and debris
  • Powerful enough to run all necessary programs at once
  • Improved data gathering accuracy
  • Vibration and Impact Resistant designs
Built In Barcode Scanner

Medical Tablet Manufacturing & mHealth Solutions

  • We design and manufacture tablets for all medical uses
  • Integrated Tools like barcode readers for use all around the hospital
  • Drop-In or Wireless charging to keep tablets ready for use
  • Ruggedly designed, with hand straps and other easy to use and carry features
  • IEC 60601 Medical Certifications available
  • Bright, clear screens make explaining scans and diagnosis simple
Infotainment Panel PC

Infotainment Medical Tablets & Panel PCs

  • Simplify patient education, communication, and billing
  • Bright, mounted, multi-touch screens for easy use by recovering patients
  • Extensive connectivity for medical tools and special devices
  • Waterproof ratings for easy cleaning and disinfecting
Medical Cart PC

Medical Cart PCs

  • Powerful, swappable batteries to keep you working even when you can’t stop to charge
  • VESA Mounting works with most carts and hardware
  • Plenty of ports for connectivity, with support for a variety of medical device communications standards

Interested in learning more about Estone Technology solutions for your medical applications? Just complete an inquiry form and we’ll reach out to you quickly to start putting together a fully customized solution. If you’re not sure where to begin, we can walk you through every step of the way.


Bring down costs, reduce errors, improve safety, improve outcomes, automate training, automate check-in, and much, much more. mHealth (Mobile Healthcare) and Healthcare IT solutions from Estone Technology offer opportunities to improve every aspect of healthcare, from the patience experience to medical practice management.

Estone Technology medical tablet PCs are built with microbe-resistant materials, and water resistant ratings for easy cleaning and disinfecting. Our tablets and panels can be IEC medically certified to produce no harmful radiation or effects around delicate devices, and survive 24/7 operation in the most difficult circumstances.

Medical Tablets & Healthcare IT Products

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