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In-Vehicle Solutions

In-Vehicle Solutions

Estone Technology knows that recreation is a business – whether it’s a recreation facility, a campground, or even a prime fishing spot, there are many opportunities to help people enjoy themselves with technology solutions.

You’ve seen them in increasing numbers – computers, electronic equipment, and touchscreens popping up in outdoor equipment of all types, from Semi-Trucks to RVs to Outdoor Carts. As competition for disposable income increases, clever companies are seeking out new ways to appeal to consumers, and provide commercial customers new ways to monetize. Embedded and Tablet computers or electronics from Estone Technology can meet the needs of an evolving, ever more connected market.

From campgrounds to resorts, you’ll find Estone Technology products and computers controlling vital vehicle features, or just helping pump out choice music and entertainment. Our vehicle head units have been found in RVs for years, and as the needs of the industry have shifted, so have our products, with a full line of connected touchscreen tablets and embedded PCs.

Outdoor Recreation Computers

Boat & RV Entertainment and Control Systems

Listen to your favorite music, watch videos, adjust the climate control, run pumps, expand or retract awnings and bays – even turn lights on and off from a rugged, waterproof touchpanel PC, convenient switch panel, or your cell phone. You can also find us in vehicle head units, and plenty of other OEM RV components.

An enjoyable day on the water can be easily dashed without access to a variety of essential and helpful electronics, ranging from GPS systems to fish finders. Being able to quickly and easily use depth sounders, radar, radios, navigation software, fishing technology, and watercraft equipment or entertainment devices makes all the difference between an enjoyable day on the water, and a disagreeable time – or even disaster.

Vehicles, ranging from automobiles to pleasure craft and commercial vehicles are one of the fastest growing areas for the inclusion of connected technology, touchscreens, tablets, and IoT equipment. Let Estone Technology be your design and manufacturing partner as you enter into this market space. Just complete an inquiry form to get the process started.


  • Great for showing off product features & making recreational products more attractive to consumers.
  • Ease ownership, and reduce part and service costs with fewer switches and controls.
  • Increase profit by displaying amenities and options to consumers when they’re most likely to buy.
  • Offer special services and extras that competitors aren’t able to match.
  • Use computer technology remotely, in all weather, in places it was never possible before.

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