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Intelligent Panels & HMIs

Intelligent Panels & HMIs

Whether it’s an interactive directory, a manufacturing control panel, or a remote control for devices in your home, smart panel and HMI solutions offer unprecedented richness and ease of human interactivity.

In consumer spaces, and industrial spaces, analog controls like push buttons, dials, and knobs are quickly disappearing. Today everything from industrial machinery, to automobile driver consoles, to order kiosks at your local fast-food restaurant are all using panel PCs – touchscreen human-machine interfaces – to provide a wealth of control options and adaptability in limited space.

Estone Technology offers Panel PC & HMI solutions for any purpose.

Home AUtomation Panel PC

Smart Panel PC Panel Solutions

  • Simplify home and building automation control
  • Reduce training time and equipment downtime for industrial equipment control
  • Bring intelligent, adaptive signage and kiosks to customers and patrons
  • Simplify check-in and point of sale operations, and bottom line performance
Lobby Hospitality Tablet

Smart Panel PC Benefits

  • Increased control capacity and accuracy vs traditional systems
  • Decreased space requirements vs analog control systems
  • Easily change and update control systems for equipment without replacement
  • Easier to clean and maintain than traditional control systems
  • Wireless & Cellular connectivity options available for remote touchscreen operations

Today, smart panels and touchscreen control computers can be found everywhere, in every application. Trust your HMI or intelligent panel project to Estone Technology, and let us be your design and manufacturing partner. Just complete an inquiry form below to begin the process of learning more.


Estone Technology offers Intelligent Panel solutions both with and without enclosures, for easy addition to existing or completed product designs, as well as embedding in cases or enclosures for other products. We have HMI solutions for every environment – even outdoors or in industrial washdown environments!

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