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Kiosk, Retail, Security,
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In today’s data-driven, nearly cashless society, the ability to work with customers on their terms is essential. Dining establishments are going mobile in the form of food trucks, to be where the customers are when they’re hungry. Retail establishments are becoming experiential, so being able to offer services and take payments on the sales floor is necessary. Recording consumer data, checking IDs, and scanning in loyalty or membership cards are now the norm to maximize safety, service, and profit.

Estone Technology has rugged and semi-rugged tablet solutions for all types of retail and customer-facing industries.

Smartcard TPM

Integrated EMV & Secure Card Reading

Whether you’re collecting payments, checking IDs, or simply creating secure access, having the ability to securely read magnetic stripes and EMV Chip Cards is essential. Estone Technology is certified to offer tablet and panel PC solutions with all types of card readers:

  • Magnetic Stripe (MSR) Readers
  • EMV1 & EMV2 Chip Card Readers
  • Touch and Touchless Smart Card Readers
PIN Skimmer Card Scanner Technology

Pin-on-Glass & Portable Transaction Validation Methods

The days of signing a paper receipt are all but gone, and signing a squiggle to a digital signature pad is right behind. Even the ubiquitous hardware keypads for entering PIN numbers will soon see their end. Flexible, modern methods of transaction validation are coming.

  • Mobile Pin-On-Glass Solutions
  • Payment Account Validation API Implimentations
  • CVV2 Validation for Remote Transactions

Kiosk and retail opportunities for touchscreens and tablets are growing, especially as the market for self-service and counter-serve establishments continues to expand. Unfortunately, off-the-shelf solutions in these areas are often limited and fail to meet key needs. Work with an experienced design and manufacturing partner who can deliver the rugged, durable, custom technology solutions your project needs. Complete an inquiry form below to get started.


Choosing Estone Technology as your retail, secure transaction, and mobile payment solutions partner allows you to reduce costs and development time, while providing clients with the most advanced, secure solutions. Estone Technology is licensed to provide tablet and panel PCs with secure transaction technology like EMV and MSR the world over.

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