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Rugged Tablet Solutions

Rugged Tablet Solutions

Estone creates some of the most powerful, durable, multi-featured rugged tablets available today, perfect for field operations from urban construction sites to remote equipment stations.

For industries ranging from Agriculture to Warehousing – for the Corner Office to the corners of the Earth – Estone Tech manufactures some of the most powerful, rugged, feature-packed tablets on the planet.

Field Construction Site

Field Inventory and Procedure Management

  • Tools to keep track of tools, equipment and raw or prepared materials
  • Reduce costs associated with loss or delay
  • Ensure that necessary equipment is on-site without special request
  • Eliminate risk of loss or incomplete paperwork
Field Conferencing and Communication

Field Conferencing and Communication

  • Reduce manpower needed in the field
  • Communication options including 4G LTE keep contact anywhere
  • High quality cameras and microphones allow conferencing and external expertise anywhere
Rugged Tablet Dock

Field and Office Crossover Solutions

  • Drop-in docking easily connects tablets to company networks and office equipment
  • No need for both a field and office PC – Estone Technology tablets are powerful enough for both
  • Quickly download data captured in the field, like photos, videos, and paperwork scans, to permanent storage to share with others

Do you need a design and manufacturing partner for your rugged electronics project? Look no further than Estone Technology. Simply complete the inquiry form below and our engineers will reach out to you right away to discuss the next phase in your project.


Efficiency, accuracy, and consistency are top priorities in any industry. The more you know about your operations in real-time, the better you can manage and deliver efficient products. Mobile tablet PCs with wireless connectivity like 4G LTE enable new levels of supply chain transparency, higher labor productivity, and improved customer service. Barcode and RFID readers make tracking goods and freight simple and straightforward. Estone has industrial tablets to provide the tools you need.

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