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Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics Solutions

Imagine a tablet pc designed specifically for your warehouse operation, with a rugged build and integrated tools like a barcode scanner. Or an embedded computer for your fleet trucks that kept shipments on time and in order. Estone Technology has the solution.

Drivers, Fleet Managers, Loading Specialists, and other transportation industry professionals know the importance of efficiency and accuracy. Loading the right products, in the right order, and taking the optimal path saves time, labor, and fuel.

Rugged Tablet PCs and Embedded Computers from Estone Technology can achieve all this, in a package that’s durable enough for life on the road. Estone’s Rugged Tablets and Panel PCs are impact and vibration resistant, waterproof and dirt proof, and work in extreme temperatures. Log a delivery in blizzard conditions while wearing gloves, or scan in packages being loaded with an integrated barcode scanner in desert heat. Estone Technology has your back.

Truck driver Tablet

Rugged Tablets for Shipping & Logistics

  • Highly Accurate GPS Units
  • Extremely Bright Screens that work in darkness or full sun
  • Available 3G/4G LTE Connectivity to keep you connected anywhere
  • Tablet Docking Stations secure enough to use in a vehicle
Estone Tech Warehouse

Rugged Tablets for Fleet Management & Warehousing

  • Computing Power for Advanced Apps and Programs
  • Available NFC Connectivity for security badges and other equipment
  • Available tools like docking stations to turn your tablet into a desktop computer instantly
  • Built-in Barcode Scanners and RFID makes tracking packages & equipment a breeze
  • Long  battery life works as long and as hard as you do
  • Dirt and Dust Proof design and a Metal and Rubber construction stand up to any abuse.

Trucking, cargo-hauling, and other types of logistics require special rugged technologies to keep them operating at maximum efficiency, from in-vehicle computers to optimize paths to handheld tablets full of scanning and tracking tools for monitoring individual packages and shipments. Let Estone Technology be your rugged computer partner for this specialized and growing market segment. Just complete an inquiry form below to get started.


Estone Technology’s rugged logistics tablets & embedded computers are secure. The latest Windows and Android Operating Systems help ensure that your customer data is never used in unapproved ways. Estone’s tough shipping & receiving tablets are long lasting. With runtimes greater than 8 hours, your tablet won’t wear out before the job is done. And Estone Technology’s tablets come with the tools you need, like a rugged tablet docking station that is secure enough to use, even in vehicles.

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