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Wireless and 4G/Cellular Integration

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Integration of Wireless Connectivity

It is essential for today’s IoT and embedded computing systems to remain connected. Estone Technology engineers are experts in wireless connectivity. We can integrate the latest 4G/LTE, WiFi, NFC, RFID, and Zigbee technologies into rugged tablet or embedded system, keeping your product connected at all times, from anywhere, to accomplish anything.

Adding wireless connectivity of all sorts to your devices is now more possible, and more essential, than ever. Find out how Estone Technology can help you bring new levels of connectedness to your devices – fill out an inquiry form by clicking the button below.

wireless chip integration

Module or Chip Integration

Estone engineers have extensive design experience in wireless connectivity. We work with the industry leaders such as Intel, Qualcomm and Huawei to integrate the latest wireless technologies into the embedded computing systems. We surface-mount the wireless chip at board level (chip-on-board) or integrate different wireless modules (I2C, Serial, or M2 interface). The system structure is optimized for better wireless signal and lower EMC noise. We implement different shielding and use high pass, low pass, band pass, notch, and diplex filters to maximize the performance.

Antenna Customization

Antenna Customization

Estone engineers implement can many unique custom antenna designs using ceramics, standard PCB (standard or flexible), or Fiberglass. We develop different solutions to miniaturize antennas and fit device better without sacrificing range. We have low profile antennas with thickness comparable to a sheet of printing paper, which can be affixed to the housing of the device, on the main PCB board or to a plastic holder to separate from the crowded PCB or electronically noisy areas. Tooling costs are minimal and a custom solution can be implemented quickly. Antennas can be folded onto the circuit essentially making the antenna “big” on a small surface area that has minimal impact on space requirements.

4G LTE Certification

4G LTE Certification

Estone works with US cellular network carriers to provide 4G LTE certification service for our clients. Our engineers carefully design each component, including the system board, chassis and architecture for excellent EMC noise reduction and antenna performance. During the development of EVT, DVT and PVT phases, we pre-scan the device before engaging with external labs.

We have long term working relationship with world class labs who are fully accredited and equipped to CTIA Wireless Association, and CDMA Certification Forum (CCF).  The LTE Testing Capabilities include: Data Throughput, Protocol Conformance, Radio Frequency (RF), RRM, and VoLTE.