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Software Engineering

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Estone engineers provide software services based on many operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Android, and Linux. Our services include customization of boot loaders, kernels, writing device drivers, board support packages (BSP), build environments, SDK, middleware, MDM and OTA (over the air) update on various ARM and x86 platforms.

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Linux/Android BSP & Firmware Circuit Board closeup

Linux/Android BSP & Firmware Configuration

  • Boot loader setup
  • Audio codecs and video (LVDS, MIPI, EDP, RGB)
  • user interface, including LCD, touch screen (resistive/capacitive)
  • Memory, including SATA, SD, eMMC, DDR, Flash
  • Communication, including USB, IR, CAN, I2C, SPI, SDIO, serial port
  • Wireless, including GPS, cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID
  • Sensors, including camera, accelerometer, magnetometer, light sensors, and more

Middleware & File System

We will develop and modify middleware to bridge your hardware and custom operating system or HMI software. We have expertise in:

  • Qt Framework, Qt Creator
  • QML, QtWebKit, QtWebEngine
  • Power management setup
  • Rapid-boot configuration
  • Image and SDK generation
  • Root filesystem customization