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Global Logistics

OEM/ODM Services

Global Logistics

Shipping and Product Support, Anywhere

OEM and ODM services don’t stop once the product is manufactured. As your OEM/ODM partner, Estone Technology is committed to supporting your supply chain. Our Global Logistics expertise allows us to coordinate shipments in and out of countries around the globe – we can help you tackle imports, exports, distribution, taxes and tariffs, and so much more.

Our logistics network starts with our management and leadership offices in the US, and our factory and warehousing units in China. From these facilities, we can coordinate products and parts moving around the globe.

Let your design and manufacturing partner be your logistics partner. No need to work with multiple sources and distributors. We get your products where they need to be. Inquire below now.

Truck and Plane

Shipping and Receiving

  • Product Warehousing
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Parts Supply Chain
Customs Procedures

International Shipping Coordination

  • Taxes
  • Tariffs
  • Customs Procedures