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Product Lifecycle Management

We start each project with lifecycle planning

As opposed to single-supplier consumer type products that are often disposable, enterprise systems for vertical markets often share a single piece of equipment that is expected to have a long lifetime – often 5 to 7 years of continuous operation or more. That is why it is important to consider the product lifecycle when such systems are first developed or deployed. Coupled with operation in harsh, industrial environments, many systems have to be carefully designed and manufactured to meet the established lifecycle goals.

Estone Tech’s more than 2 decades of experience as an industrial PC manufacturer provide our engineers with the skill they need to select suitable platforms for durability and longevity. Thanks to our industrial grade components, Estone Tech’s systems offer increased life expectancy, more than 4 times comparable consumer products, with a lower total cost of ownership.

Estone Tech’s design and manufacturing processes occur entirely in house, which allows for the most effective lifecycle management planning, by removing questions related to 3rd party quality. Customer service is always our number one priority, and we begin each project by planning how to meet product lifecycle goals.

Estone’s design and manufacturing are entirely completed in-house, which provide the most effective product lifecycle management. Customer service is always the number one priority here at Estone. At the beginning of each OEM/ODM project, the product lifecycle is always well reviewed and planed.

Do you want to ensure the long-term stability and market impact of your product, but don’t know the next step to take? Inquire with Estone Technology today to find out what we can do to help you ensure a profitable and reasonable product lifecycle.

Product Lifecycle Analysis

Longer Lifecycle

Estone Tech takes a practical approach towards extending our products’ life spans. Our team is dedicated to providing clients with adaptable lifecycle solutions that meet their goals for cost of ownership, longevity, and maintenance. Our product lifecycle management stretches through all project phases: technology planning, component selection, procurement, production, and end of product life management.

Estone Tech offers extended lifecycle support beyond the standard 5 to 7 years for processors and chipsets to help our customers reduce the costs of support and maintenance.