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Tablet & Panel PC Design and Manufacturing

Tablet & Panel PC Design and Manufacturing

OEM/ODM Services

Tablet & Panel PC OEM/ODM

Estone Technology offers decades of experience in custom tablet design and manufacturing, developing products like ruggedized tablets, medical computers, fanless PCs and touch panel PCs. Our in-house mechanical engineers and industrial designers collaborate with our clients to ensure fast product development and cost-effective manufacturing.

OEM/ODM Tablet Services from Estone Technology

We offer both OEM and ODM custom tablet services, whether you require simple modifications to one of our standard tablet products or a fully custom tablet solution.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Using our knowledge of a customer’s industry, market, and unique needs, we create several initial design concepts that may serve as a potential solution. After undergoing several refinement stages, we narrow the options down to a single design that best meets all of the applicable requirements and restrictions.

Product Engineering

Product Engineering

We carefully consider manufacturability at each step in our design and engineering process. Throughout the product engineering phase, our electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, production engineers and certification engineers will work together and validate your design, confirming your products aesthetic appeal, comfort, and functionality. Our full spectrum of testing and development services are powered by industry specific knowledge, proven methodologies, and technology based solutions and help our clients rapidly meet their business objectives.

Throughout the design and development phase, our product engineering team tests for manufacturability and feasibility using engineering validation testing (EVT), design validation testing (DVT), and production validation testing (PVT).

Project Management

Product Management

Every project Estone Technology undertakes receives a dedicated project management team that will see your project through from its first stages of development to final product release. Our project management teams ensure fast and efficient delivery of tailor-made, reliable, integrated solutions for your OEM/ODM projects. Your project management team will guide you through the entire development process from the initial product idea, to industrial design, to engineering the finished product. Estone Technology provides what your company needs for growth. We are driven and supported by industry professionals with decades of experience that give your company the competitive edge.

Manufacturing line

Scalable Manufacturing

Equipped with an over 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility, our team has the equipment needed to deliver high-quality product solutions in prototype, small, and large volume productions runs at competitive prices and with fast turnaround. We provide full service OEM/ODM solutions and achieve superior product quality. We can execute on time and with a lower manufacturing cost than our competitors.

Trust Estone Technology to be your Design and Manufacturing service. Send us an OEM Tablet inquiry for a fast, free evaluation. We’ll review your request, and our engineers will determine any extra information that we require. Once we have the information, we’ll provide you with quotes for solutions that fit your needs.

Regardless of what type of tablet a customer needs, Estone Technology can deliver it. As a designer and manufacturer of board level to complete computing systems, we have the experience and equipment necessary to produce high-quality, custom tablets.

Partnering with an OEM vs. ODM for a Custom Tablet Project

Estone’s products serve two core audiences: original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs). We’ve identified each group’s needs over the years and understand that you’re looking for customized hardware and software to meet specific applications. If you’re interested in partnering with Estone Technology, consider the following:

  • An OEM tablet manufacturing partnership is more appropriate if the product design and specifications are already set. The OEM can then proceed with manufacturing the product to this customer provided data.
  • An ODM tablet manufacturing partnership is ideal if your company does not already have a set product design or the resources to invest in creating one. In this case, the ODM designs and manufactures the product, and works with Estone Technology to place their branding on the end products.

Custom Tablet Design Considerations

Before proceeding with any custom tablet project, we ask our customers several questions to ascertain their exact project specifications. These questions may differ based on whether they desire a manufacturing-only partnership (OEM) or require design and manufacturing assistance (ODM). The following lists outline some of the information we ask for from our potential customers.


  • Product specifications
  • Desired product/project materials
  • Expected delivery date


  • Technical specifications
  • Regulatory compliance requirements
  • Aesthetic requirements
  • Expected production schedule

In addition to the above specifications, we also ask for the following information for every tablet we deliver:

Intended Use Case

Custom tablets are tailored to meet specific customer needs. These needs vary depending on the industry, environment, and user and, during the design phase, significantly influence the final product design. A customer looking for a rugged tablet manufacturer might have different needs than one searching for a tablet with inventory control functions. Some of the use case factors to consider include battery life, storage capacities, critical operations, and conditions of the operating environment.

Desired Features

While a tablet’s use case largely determines its key functional characteristics, customer demand or preferences can influence the addition of other features that enhance usability. Features such as GPS, USB or HDMI connection ports, and Bluetooth integration are all elements that can be added to a base tablet design. In addition, Estone has experience in both custom Android tablet manufacturing and creating tablets equipped with Windows, and we offer OEM and ODM software engineering services.

Expected Life Span

The expected service life of a tablet may influence what components are used in its design and manufacture. Some electronic components are produced in high volumes for a short time period, while others are produced continuously for years. Taking this factor into account, product designers and manufacturers may use certain components over others to ensure that replacement parts are available for the duration of the tablet’s service life.

Signs of an Improperly Designed or Manufactured Tablet

Some of the common issues that occur in an improperly designed or manufactured tablet are:

  • Feature mismatches: The tablet’s hardware and/or software features don’t meet the operating or performance requirements.
  • Insufficient ruggedness: The device does not feature adequate protection from impact, contact, or water damage in the use environment.
  • Poor readability: In direct sunlight or bright areas, the user cannot read the screen.
  • Poor security: Standard general-purpose tablets are designed for ease of use, which makes it easy for thieves to steal, reset, and reconfigure them for their own use.
  • Short life cycles: Shorter life cycles make for higher maintenance and repair costs and, for consumer-grade products, may prove not feasible.
  • Software issues: Software updates can change user configurations and introduce incompatibilities with existing applications and, if the tablet does not account for them, it can result in loss of data and functionality.

Industries Served by Estone Technology

Customers across a diverse set of industries utilize our OEM and ODM tablet services. Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Assistive communications with tablets designed to facilitate communication and display information based on users’ needs
  • Embedded technology with ARM & x86 hardware for IoT applications
  • Field automation with rugged tablets that have long battery lives
  • Healthcare with secure tablets that accommodate HIPAA-compliant information sharing and storage
  • Government with tablets that feature strong security and flexible usage
  • In-vehicle solutions with responsive touch screens that minimize driver distractions and offer intuitive control
  • Kiosk/retail with devices that allow for point of sale and inventory functions
  • Smart panels with integration options for smart home control systems
  • Transportation with devices that can track logistics, warehouse inventory, and more

Partner with Estone Technology for Your Custom Tablet Manufacturing Needs

At Estone Technology, we offer OEM/ODM tablet services. Whether you need a manufacturing-only partner or design and manufacturing partner, we can meet your needs. By choosing us, you benefit from our:

  • One-stop design and manufacturing services (in our ISO 13485 certified facility)
  • Broad customization capabilities
  • Competitive prices and quick design turnaround
  • High product quality and safety standards
  • Product life management guarantees (5–7 years)

For more information about our company and services, visit our company page. To receive a quote for your next project, contact us today.