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X86/ARM Board Design & Manufacturing

X86/ARM Board Design & Manufacturing

OEM/ODM Services

X86/ARM Board Design & Manufacturing

Tailored Board Designs

Together with a diverse product portfolio, we offer tailored embedded board designs both in x86 and ARM platforms. Our solutions include System On Modules (SOM), 3.5” Single Board Computer (SBC), pico-ITX, Nano ITX, Mini ITX and non-standard size board options for your specific applications.

Board Design Options

Our custom board design services include:

  • PCB Placement / Layout / Assembly
  • Custom BIOS and CMOS Setting
  • Customize I/Os and peripherals
  • Custom firmware and embedded OS
  • Environmental, ESD and EMI tests
  • Design option of wide temperature range (-40c to 70c)
Board Platform Options

Board Platform Selections:

  • Low power Intel Atom, Celeron processor
  • High performance Intel Core-i processors, generation 6, 7, 8 and beyond
  • ARM Cortex A7, A9, A11,  A53 and A57.
  • Form factors: SOM, 3.5” SBC, pico-ITX, Nano ITX, Mini ITX, or non-standard size boards

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