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Industrial Panel PCs

Intuitive Human Touch, Connected to the Cloud

Estone Technology’s various industrial-grade panel PCs are designed for healthcare, home automation, industrial control, and more. With resistive, capacitive, and IR touch technologies, the systems implement intuitive human interfaces and feature-rich cloud base applications (Wi-Fi or built-in 3G/4G), providing entertainment, data entry, device interaction, and smart computing. Available features include an optional black box and panel options from 7” to over 50”. LCD panels are Windows, Linux, Yocto, and Android supported.

Industrial Panel PCs

Industrial panel PCs are designed specifically for use in industrial settings. Constructed from industrial-grade components, these PCs are built for durability to ensure reliable operation in harsh or extreme field conditions. Industrial panel PCs are also outfitted with legacy ports so they can be used with legacy machinery and equipment. Expansion slots also add versatility, ensuring that operators can use industrial panel PCs in almost any environment.

While consumer-grade PCs may fail after a couple years of heavy use, industrial panel PCs are designed with a much longer product life cycle —often 5 to 10 years. This long product availability ensures that manufacturers are not rushed to migrate to the next generation of technology, which often requires new certifications and qualifications, as well as software upgrades or redevelopment.


Benefits of Industrial Panel PCs and Touch Screen PCs

Industrial panel PCs and touch panels computer offer multiple advantages over commonly available consumer-grade technologies:

  • Wide range of power inputs. The power input of Industrial panel PCs can be designed to adapt to wide variety of application environments, like 12V DC, 24V DC, 48V AC, 9-36V DC, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), etc. This makes it easier to install in different industrial setups, for the case of PoE, minimizes the need for electrical cabling, which speeds up installation.
  • Flexible operating systems. Industrial panel PCs can run on Microsoft Windows IoT, Ubuntu Linux, Yocto Embedded Linux, and other operating systems that with Long-Term Support.
  • International certification. The designs of the systems strictly follow safety standards, certification requirements, compliance standards, and IP65 rating protections when specified.
  • Longevity in extreme conditions. Industrial panel PCs operate optimally within a broad temperature range, including extreme hot or cold temperatures. The housing design and selected components provide consistent durability in harsh environments, including exposure to dust, water, oil, and vibration.
  • Mounting options. Several different mounting options are available for industrial panel PCs, including panels, in-wall, wall, and VESA
  • Optimized hardware. Many industrial panel PC systems have fanless cooling to reduce dust and debris intake. They are highly customizable, including optional dual Ethernet ports, RS232, RS422/285, CAN bus ports, and those configurations to meet the requirements of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).


Industrial Panel PC and HMI Applications

Industrial panel PCs and touch panel computers can be customized for almost any application areas. We can build devices for a wide variety of workplaces, environmental conditions, and industries. Some of the most popular applications for industrial panel PCs include industrial machinery, building automation, HAVC control, vending machine, and smart HMI systems.

We have experience working on the following projects to best suit the unique needs of different industrial sectors:

  • Building and factory automation systems that make industrial production safer and more consistent, oversee building and equipment conditions, and regulate cost-effective work processes
  • Human Machine Interfaces that allow for easy communication between machinery and human operators from set touchpoints, command centers, or remote apps
  • Industrial control systems for centralized control of manufacturing and facility machinery
  • Medical devices that handle complex technological functions
  • Point-of-Information kiosks for retail consumers, facility visitors, travelers, and more
  • For industrial, agricultural, and automobile control applications
  • Optional black box computer command center (control lighting, motor, devices etc.)
  • Open OS platform (Linux, Android, others)
  • Industrial data bus (CAN, NMEA) support
  • Cloud connectivity (via smart phone or built-in 3G/4G)
  • Smart phone app and control
  • Remote computer performance monitoring
  • Rugged, waterproof, dirt proof, impact proof designs


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At Estone Technology, we specialize in designing, developing, and manufacturing robust industrial panel PCs. Our team has over 20 years of combined experience creating and improving industrial PCs, and we consistently implement the latest available technologies to provide maximum service life and relevance. We are an international original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and original design manufacturer (ODM) with a global reputation for creating durable high-performance computer equipment.

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