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IPXX Wateproof & Dustproof Technologies

IPXX Wateproof & Dustproof Technologies

IPXX Waterproof & Dustproof Ratings

Waterproofing and Dustproofing are necessary whenever a piece of electronics is likely to be exposed to the elements, whether that’s indoors or outdoors. Any sort of liquid or solid particulate can impair or ruin a product, especially a piece of electronics like a tablet. But not all waterproofing is the same, just like not all waterproofing needs are the same. That is why the IPXX rating system was created – to help consumers determine their needs and select appropriately sturdy products to meet them.

Water-proof tablets are more and more important, especially in some specific application filed, such as oil and gas, medical field,logistics , construction and so on.  Estone Technology offers Rugged waterproof tablets  up to IP-67 .

What is the IPXX Waterproof and Dustproof Rating System

Waterproof Rugged Tablet MJ80The IP Code – International Protection Marking, is controlled by the IEC – the International Eletrotechnical Commission. The IEC provides various methods and standards for evaluating and rating all types of equipment performance, and waterproofing is no different. Not just waterproofing, the IPXX system provides a way to judge a product’s protections against all types of foreign objects, based on the numbers given in the XX places.

In the IPXX system, the first listed digit indicates protection against solid objects and particles, and the second digit indicates protection against liquid ingress.

The IPXX Rating Scale

On the IPXX Rating scale, the first digit indicates how well a device is protected against intrusion by solid particles. This does not necessarily mean how well the device will work in a particulate environment, as some devices may be able to continue to function normally when penetrated by dust or debris, but they would not have an IPXX rating for solid particle ingress.

IPXX Measurement MethodThe rating system for solid particles is designed around particle size.



Waterproof Testing

Dust Ingress Testing Cabinet

X – No Data

0 – No Protection Against Ingress of Objects

1 – Protection for Objects Greater than 50mm (Hands, Arms)

2 – Protection for Objects Greater than 12.5mm (Fingers)

3 – Protection for Objects Greater than 2.5mm (Tools, Wires)

4 – Protection for Objects Greater than 1mm (Small Wires, Parts, Insects)

5 – Dust Protected (Ingress Not Prevented, But Limited)

6 – Dust Tight (No Ingress of Dust in a Vacuum after 8 Hours)


The rating system for liquids is different, as all ratings are for performance against water, either specific wet conditions or for a given amount of time. Water tests do not necessarily require that no water enter the system, but that water applied in a given fashion does not affect operation.

Water Jet Spray Testing

Water Jet Spray Testing

X – No Data

0 – No Protection Against Water Ingress

1 – Dripping Water (Vertical Drops) Shall Have No Adverse Effect for 10 Minutes Exposure

2 – Tilted Dripping Water – Same Test as Above but with Device Tilted so Water Runs

3 – Spraying Water – Water Sprayed up to 60° from Vertical shall Have No Adverse Effect

4 – Splashes (From Any Angle) Shall Have No Adverse Effect

5 – Water Jets of 12.5 LPM at 30 kPa at 3M Distance Shall Have No Adverse Effect

6 – Water Jets of 100 LPM at 100 kPA at 3M Distance Shall Have No Adverse Effect

7 – Immersion up to 1M Depth Shall Not Adversely Affect Operation

8 – Continuous Submerged Operation up to 3M in Depth

9 – High Temperature Water Jets – Water Jets As in a 6 Rating at 80°C

Additionally, any rating may be followed by a letter. Possible Letters Include:

F – Oil Resistant

H – High Voltage Device

M – Device in Motion During Testing

W – Rated for Special Weather Conditions

K – Extra High-Pressure (8-10 MPa) at Close Range

How IPXX Waterproofing and Dustproofing is Achieved

Waterproof Rubber SealTypically, when devices are given IPXX Waterproofing and/or Dustproofing, they’re designed in two ways to achieve this. One way is to develop a case or enclosure that is sufficiently sealed to prevent ingress. The other is to select materials that will not be damaged by the ingress of dust, debris, and water. When it comes to tablets and panel PCs, this often means carefully choosing the proper components, and careful engineering design to eliminate unprotected seams and gaps.

For instance, some of the following elements might appear on an IP65 rugged tablet like our MD-100.

Solid Plastic Enclosure – This means no unsealed holes for speakers, microphones, or cooling

Rubberized Seals on Gaps – Where the enclosure and touchscreen come together, expect to find rubberized seals guarding against entry

Sealed I/O Ports – Where it’s necessary to have a hole in the case, such as for a USB port, expect a sealing door that snaps into place to prevent ingress, and that the port itself is sealed

In some cases, it’s necessary only to provide certain IPXX measures, such as only providing waterproofing protection for the front panel of computers intended for indoor use. Since these computers won’t be exposed to rain, but might need to have their front panels cleaned off, they’re often given an IP rating like IPX6 (Front Panel Only), meaning you can easily clean the panel with a rag, but can’t get the remainder wet.

Estone Technology’s waterproof rugged tablets PC are up to IP-67 ,  including the rugged windows tablets MD-100, MJC-100MT-140, and rugged android tablets MDA-100,  MJ-100, and MJ-80. We design and manufacture waterproof tablet PC solutions based on your requirement, Submit a product/solution inquiry to get started.